Since the foundation in 2001 in Japan, Kumpoo has spared no effort to develop unique and innovative products that meet the high requirements of badminton players who are challenging to improve their skill and performance.

In 2002, the racket called "TRERAKE" innovated training as the fore runner in the industry. This new concept and product have created the new style of training. It made it possible to have fun while hitting the shuttlecock during practice.

In 2004, the introduction of the “POWER SHOT NANO" racket with the adoption of carbon nano tube and in the following year “BLACK SHUTTLECOCKS” using the black goose feather for the ultimate practice shuttlecocks have made a strong impression and impact not only to the badminton players who used them but, also the general public who have seen these innovative products.

These products have truly started a revolution in the badminton industry.

Furthermore, in December 2008 the groundbreaking "POWER SHOT NANO" racket has evolved into the "POWER SHOT NANO 2100H" bringing in a new generation of rackets. All the Kumpoo technology and know-how have inspired the birth of the worlds first hexagon badminton shaft, the “HEXAGON SHAFT” with a tapered hexagon construction.

Again, this innovation has created a big sensation in the badminton industry.

Since foundation in 2001, Kumpoo has taken its step to enter into international market. Because of its special feature of product quality and development, service, marketing, promotion and brand management philosophy, Kumpoo has been accepted by more and more customers in the world.

Nowadays, Kumpoo has occupied its own market in Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Loas, Korea, Poland, Qatar, India, Australia, Ukraine, Europe contries etc. and in Malaysia , Kumpoo officially lauched in July 2012.

Kumpoo also gained high praise from lots of international top players. They are:


World champion/ Thailand No.1 mixed doubles/ World No.2: The second Men's Doubles seed in Japan National Team: Macau National Team: Macau National Team:
Sudket Prapakamol
Saralee Thoungthongkam
Kenichi Hayakawa Wang Rong Zhang Zhibo
Zhang Dan

Our slogan “TAKE THE CHALLENGE” is the spirit of the non-stop effort to change the things of “Impossible” into the “Possible” by constantly taking on new challenges.

Kumpoo will make further progress with its pragmatic development ideas, innovative determined spirit and Sincere Service. As the pioneer of the revolution in the badminton industry, Kumpoo will keep creating new and unique products to drive you to a new world and the top of your game.

Kumpoo will keep challenging for the peak performance to help the players who put serious spirit into each shot.Kumpoo is always there to support the players with their passion.